Felt Roofing Specialists

Felt roofing is a method that is most commonly used in UK and in flat roofing construction in general, the materials them selfs are made up of a layer of bitumen which allows the material to bind together once put under extreme heat.

What Is Felt Roofing?

Felt roofing has been one of the main Roofing solutions for centuries, the method has seen some evolution over the years as it was primarily applied with a bitumen pot, which required lifting a boiling pot of bitumen on to the roof and applying it to the surface area. Once applied the felt sheets would then be applied and stuck to the roof using the bitumen layer below.

Felt roofing has come along way from its previous installation methods, the felt material now comes as a roll, with the a layer of bitumen on the underside for easy ‘Torch-on’ application. There are two types of felt, ‘underlay’ and ‘overlay’, which are both used to create a double layer of protection on flat roofs.

Although there is no longer the need for a large bitumen pot, the bitumen on the felt is a reliable binding method that is used by roofers to ensure water tightness and durability.

Benefits Of Felt Roofing?

Felt roofing is a common choice and has been used for many years, so it’s a proven roofing material. It doesn’t matter if your job is large or small, commercial or domestic, felt roofing can be applied to any size job.

The materials are durable and able to cope with water, wind, snow and sleet. Whether the surface is flat, pitched or curved, felt flat roofing solutions can be applied, it also can be used in facia and guttering areas on flat roofs as well.

Fully Certified

Our team has over 20 years of experience with felt flat roofing solutions, providing a quality service with industry recognised materials.

Felt  roofing is a solution that our team specialises in due to the ever growing demand for felt roofing, the materials that we use are designed with a modified waterproofing membrane which makes the material more water resistant once binded, making the roofing structure more solid against the elements.

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